15. Date 22.02.2020

This date causes all kinds of questions and hints.
On 22.02.2020, I was supposed to fly from Vilnius to the ancient civilisation country of Vietnam, where I was supposed to take part in the 3rd International TUNASIA Conference under the theme of Environmental Education in Fisheries and Strategies of Regional Development at Nha Trang University for a week with scientists and educators from 14 European countries under the ERASMUS+ project ‘Tuning Environmental Competences in Asian Fishery Education for Sustainable Development - TUNASIA’
However, due to the Coranavirus, I have to cancel.
February 22, 2020 I am posting to the world on the website www. fisheryabc.eu the struggle of the small-scale lake fishermen that have lasted for over 10 years.
There must be enough space in the world for the presidents, the speakers of the Seimas, the prime ministers, the ministers, the politicians, the amateur fishermen and the entrepreneurial fishermen.

Yours faithfully
Leonas Kerosierius, the President of Union of Associations “Žuvininkų rūmai”