For about 60 years I have worked in companies, private business, including about 15 years in fishery field. I was honoured to participate in the restoration and defending of Lithuania’s independence. I was recognized as a victim of the occupations of 1939-1990, and was granted the status of the Defender of Lithuanian Independence in 1991. In recent years, I have been the president of the Union of Associations “Žuvininkų rūmai” (defending fishermen’s interests) and chairman of the Vilnius Sąjūdis Council (www.sajudis.com). I am honoured with national awards and badges of respect from institutions.
I am Deputy Chairman of the Council.of Alternatyve Aquaculture Association of Lithunia,
Telling the truth honours people and causes discomfort.
Therefore, I say once again that those governing Lithuania do not comply with the requirements of the Law on Fishery. We apply for immediate limits on commercial fishing in the lakes to catch the said fish at least on the levels of 2011, and to compensate fishermen for their losses.
Since 2006, as part of 4 INTERREG/TACIS projects, we have carried out a great deal of work together with scientists, students, professionals, and representatives of state authorities from Russia (the Kaliningrad Region), Poland, Latvia, Belarus, and Ukraine. I managed one of the TACIS projects for the Kaliningrad Region.
I am a co-author, publisher, and member of the editorial board of 19 publications (mostly in the field of fisheries).
BELIEVE me, coming from the land of hard-working people, warriors, and freedom fighters, having been through a lot myself, I AM APPALLED AND EMBARASSED to looked in the eyes of the President, the Speaker of the Parliament, the Prime Minister, the Ministers, and politicians as they do not comply with the requirements of the Law on Fisheries and have been impoverishing small commercial lake fishermen for 6 years.
People have been fishing in lakes for hundreds of years, but now that the amount of fish has increased by 1.5 times, the AUTHORITIES HAVE BARRED businessmen and tenants from fishing for said fish in lakes.