Many people declare aspirations and priorities as they go into major politics.
Gitanas Nausėda announced provisions for the establishment of the Welfare State in his electoral debates for the position of the President of Lithuania.
After becoming President, he focused on creating a Welfare State. Arguments and allocations to implement measures for the Welfare State have been raised both in the Presidency and in society.
On June 6, 2019, and on October 30, 2019, the Union of Association “Žuvinininkų rūmai” asked the President to meet with fishermen-businessmen, scientists, and specialists for the organization of commercial fishing in lakes, Kaunas Lagoon and ponds to catch roach, perch, seabream, pike, bream, tench, red-eye, trout, zool bream. THE PRESIDENT DID NOT RESPOND.
The current Government programme states that: “105.2. We will promote growth and occupancy of the fishery-related communities.” On 27.03.2019 THE GOVERNMENT, HOWEVER, in corpore agreement recommended the Seimas to prohibit fishery in water bodies exceeding 200 ha. On that day I was kicked out of the meeting so that I talk less. Today I remember their embarrassed and surprised faces when I tried to tell the truth, criticize the draft decree, explain the fates of condemned fishermen and their lawful expectations.
In 2009 I was unlawfully fired. After the 3-year marathon of litigation for unlawful firing I was compensated the incurred losses and paid for 3-year downtime. But the Lithuanian leaders were not willing to collect the incurred damage from the culprits. There are plenty of similar cases when for poor work of leaders and politicians incurred losses become burden of Lithuanian people.
On 20 February 2020, the President G. Nauseda attended a special meeting of the European Council of Leaders on the long-term budget of the European Union for 2021-2027. At that time 180 Lithuanian farmers rallied by the Chamber of European Council demanding more support from the European Union. PLEASE NOTE that Lithuanian leaders and authorities seek to MAKE farmers RICHIER, but DO NOT allow for lake fishermen to earn at least a minimum - the fish biomass has increased by 1.5 times.

It is known that the European Union provides around 15-20 thousand euros to create one workplace.
NOTE THAT NO FUNDS FROM EUROPEAN UNION AND LITHUANIAN BUDGETS ARE REQUIRED to establish workplaces for local business fisheries.

PEOPLE PERFECTLY UNDERSTAND THE HUGE HATRESS FOR THE LAKE FISHERY BUSINESSES BY THE PRESIDENT G. Nauseda and the Speaker of the Seimas V. Pranckietis, and the Prime Minister S. Skvernelis, both the Ministers and the politicians, The reason is that if fishermen amateurs are set against fishermen entrepreneurs, then it is possible to receive enormous favor of the amateurs and get more votes to the Seimas.
Ladies and gentlemen in the Presidency, the Seimas, Government, and Politics, PLEASE UNDERSTAND that poaching in dozens of lakes for businessmen and tenants is immoral and useless because it can result in the loss of very expensive equipment, the cost of damages, and the loss of rights.
It is very easy to CONTROL entrepreneurs because they have to inform the agencies in advance about fishing.
When they failed to receive the prize-nominated V. Kuodytė at the Presidential Palace on 13.02.2020, President G. Nausėda’s apologies to V. Kuodytė and the threats to punish the guilty were broadcast all over the media and the internet. However, neither President D. Grybauskaitė, nor President G. Nausėda, not the Speaker of the Seimas, nor the Ministers, nor politicians have APOLIGISED TO THE FISHERMEN for the fact that the requirements of the Law on Fisheries have been in default since 01.01.2015 and dozens of commercial lake fishermen are experiencing losses OR COMPENSATED LOSSES INCURRED BY THE FISHERMEN; in fact, they are about to put further strain on commercial fishermen.