On 11 March 1990 Lithuania restored its independence.

With its 2.8 million citizens, Lithuania occupies 65.3 thousand sq. km. It has 2621 sq. km of inland waters, including around 3000 lakes, around 1500 ponds, approximately 29,000 rivers, streams, and channels, and the Curonian Lagoon.\

In 2002, the Union of Associations “Žuvininkų rūmai”, participating in an international project together with the Latvian Association of Fishers, explained the benefits of recreational fishing. Professor-academic Juozas Virbickas, President of the Union of Associations “Žuvininkų rūmai”, was the leader of the project.

In 2007, Prime Minister G. Kirkilas proposed to ban commercial fishing in lakes, Kaunas and the Curonian Lagoons from 2013. Then, massively, without arguments, the contempt of the fishermen-entrepreneurs has begun, and it was announced that fishermen-entrepreneurs had obliterated water bodies, that they obstruct amateur-fishermen, and stage water bodies with nets. WE NOTE that at that time the fishing activity was carried out in approximately 60 water bodies.
Commercial Fishing is regulated by the Law on Fisheries of the Republic of Lithuania. Article 2(30) thereof defines commercial fishing as fishing using commercial fishing gear in accordance with the established procedure. Article 6(1) prescribes the following: ‘Regulatory measures for fishing activity shall be established and applied on the basis of fisheries research data’. Article 14(1) lays down that commercial fishing shall only be allowed in private inland water bodies and water bodies exceeding 200 hectares. His is 99.

In February 2020, the President of the European Council of Leaders, Charlie Michel, made a proposal to take into account the decrease in the population of Lithuania and to compensate it in some way. In 1990, 3.7 million people lived in Lithuania; in 2003 - 3.5; in 2011 - 3.2; in 2019 - 2.8. Lithuania is relatively a leader (about 25%) in Europe, and perhaps worldwide, as a result of people moving abroad. IT IS TO BE BELIEVED that the Presidency, the Seimas, the Government and politicians are the guiltiest for the mass moving abroad of people from Lithuania.
IT IS BELIEVED THAT it will be a premium to Lithuanian leaders and politicians for the destruction of Lithuania and to rich men for their ability to get richer.